The system is designed for training, knowledge testing and certification of your students/employees. Thanks to the mobile app, users will be able to easily learn, take tests and always be up to date with news and announcements.


This is a single system in which 2 platforms are connected. Manage your business and train and test the knowledge of your employees in one place!


An automated system that helps to disperse the routine process of working with a customer base, as well as allows you to store all customer data in your own cloud.

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CRM for courses and educational centers

  • Manage the curriculum of classes
  • Mobile learning are accessible wherever and whenever through mobile app.
  • Managing courses, schedules and visits
  • Gamification that allow mentors and teachers to create courses with extra motivation and engagement
  • Collaboration tools: team works, chats
  • Database of all students and accounting for online and cash payments
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Channel efficiency

Accept and distribute applications from social networks, sites, advertising

Manager tasks

Set daily tasks for each client and track staff performance

Customer accounting

Track the number of customers at each stage, starting from the application to the conclusion of the deal

Acceptance of payments

Accept online payment: Visa, Elsom, Elcard, Pay24, Quickpay, Umai, Onoi and other systems


Quick-access database of all customers and employees


Users can log in to system from any device and also through the app (Android, iOS, PC)
AdvantagesCodify LMS CRMBitrix24GetCourse
Real-time technical supportXX
Tracking payments and debts of each studentXX
Tracking teachers salariesXX
Management courseworkX
Office managementXX
Convenient sales funnel and reportsX
Organization statistics and analyticsXX
Student projectsXX
Individual coursesXX
Public application formsXX
Managing visitsXX

Feedbacks from our partners

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Codify Academy

Zhyrgal Karasartova, CEO

Due to the introduction of Codify LMS systems in our Academy, the following have improved: management of all existing and graduating groups; automation of mentors and students; automation of sales processes and financial accounting; academy teachers can track progress, upload materials and check homework from anywhere at any time.
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PLS #98

Victor Vladimirovich, teacher

The Codify platform has solved quite a lot of problems that we had in online learning at the moment. We have not found suitable resources where we could upload our materials. The platform is convenient because there are aspects such as attendance records, ratings, rating.
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English courses Be Free

Shirin Erkinbekova, director

Before your platform, we tried to use various CPM systems, but something always didn't suit us. We have intensive courses at the center and needed a program in which you fix everything without spending a lot of effort. We mainly worked on excel. There was a haphazardness. Your platform has helped us organize everything. Our teachers are also comfortable with downloading the program and working with tests.

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Frequently asked questions

Codify LMS offers a 14-day trial period. After you submit your application, we will conduct a demo presentation for you. We tell and show you about our system. Further, after switching to the test period, you are given access to the system. During the test period, we provide you with: Training and implementation for your staff, and you will always have a technical support team that will help you with any problem that has arisen.
Our tariffs differ only in the number of active users. Full functionality is available at each tariff - all sections and modules of the system. The minimum payment for one month is $29. If you pay the tariff immediately for six months or a year, you will receive more than 15% discount.
A user with a Personal Account (Administrator, Teacher, Student) and they have username and password, they are considered active users. Those whom you import, only their data and they do not have their own Personal Account, are not considered active (they have the status "in the database").
There are 3 roles in our system: Administrator, Teacher and Student. The Administrator has access to CRM and LMS. He can issue various rights and permissions for employees (roles of a salesperson, accountant, manager, technical support employee, analyst, marketer, sales manager, etc.). Teachers have access to the LMS. He sees the groups in which he teaches, downloads the curriculum, marks attendance and sees the progress of each student in the group. The student also has access to the LMS. He sees in the groups to which he is registered and sees all the data that the teacher has uploaded. The student also has the opportunity to pay in the Personal Account.
Yes. You will always have a technical support team attached to you, which can conduct various trainings on using the system.
Your organization will need from 1 to 2 weeks. Depending on the number of staff and involvement in the process. You will always have the opportunity to ask a question and solve a problem with our technical support team.


1 month

1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months
Active users:Price
from 1 to 200$ 49
from 201 to 500$ 99
from 501 to 1000$ 199


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